I want these!

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Imagine getting live herding shots from the collar cam?!?!??!

Cat Cam

Faster than the speed of light!

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Heeheheh.  He so rarely enjoys putting his out the window that a blurry picture is all we could get!

New Collars

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Since we’ve been working stock for a few months now, I’ve noticed that most everyone has these collars.  Even Terry has them on all her dogs.  Apparently they last for years and years, and come with one or two tags bracketed into the collar permanently.  I’ve been contemplating buying a couple for the pups.  I like the idea that the o-ring is on the top of their neck and I don’t have to go searching in their fluffy fur for the d-ring on their current collars, as well as that their tags can’t fall off.

From http://www.gundogsupply.com/

Puppy Submarine

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I don’t own a home with a backyard, so the only place I could put this is my front door, but I don’t think I’m allowed.  How sweet is this though?

The Pet Peek (via http://www.petpeek.info/)


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We're good when you are holding cookies!

Elysian Park


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This morning’s walk was not the normal one.  Today was CicLAvia!!!  So we got to walk down the middle of the street with the dogs amidst what I imagine were thousands of other dogs and bikers.  It was really nice to have a calm walk on what are normally very crowded streets.  Token’s normal anxiety was nowhere to be found since there weren’t any cars, so we had a wonderful dog walking directly by our sides.  The cops were so nice one was even petting Ariel while we waited for the lights to change.  We walked from 7th & Hope to Spring then to the little Mexican restaurant next to LA Cafe.  We grabbed a table outside, a couple of chorizo breakfast burritos and took in the scenery.  Tons of people just like us were sitting and eating or strolling down the street with their beloved pups.  What a wonderful morning for fun, relaxation and socialization for the pups and us!

The Arts District Dog Park

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We were supposed to go work stock yesterday, but a series of miscommunications and phone tag meant that wasn’t happening.  No biggie.  So, go for a hike or checkout the new dog park I’d been awaiting so anxiously?  New dog park it was!  It’s a little hard to find and though we drove right by it the first time, we eventually found it.  I’m not sure where the legal street parking is, so we chanced it.  It has a nice double gate entrance to maximize safety.  There is a small section for small or timid dogs as well as a large or confident dog area.  The small dog area was empty but there were three dogs in the big dog park: a rat terrier, an elderly but adorable chihuahua and a smallish mutt.  Everyone was friendly and the pups ran around together for a while.  I like the park a lot and they’ve done a wonderful job, but I’m not so sure about the ground cover.  The decomposed granite is a bit dusty and the pups got quite dirty running around.  It was also a little to warm out so we didn’t stay that long, but I think it’s a great start to a local dog park!  It just needs more shade and running water and it’ll be an awesome local park.

I’m a dork!

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I know, I know, but I really want a fanny pack…  Is that so bad?  I just want to have it so I don’t need pockets for my keys/wallet/phone since most workout pants don’t have them anyway and I really hate carrying a purse while walking the dogs.  Purses just fall off your shoulder as you’re trying to pick up their business and get in the way.  So what do you think? yes? no?

Herding Update

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We’ve been herding a lot, and Ariel is excelling! She’s doing so well that I think we’ll be trialing in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited! Token is working on his confidence, and just this last time (probably trip #7 or so) has calmed down enough for me to actually work the sheep a little with him.

Fun With TokiDoki

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So I made an animated gif of the two of us, but it isn’t showing up so you can just see the individual pictures. ;)