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Token has been being sooooooo good at the dog park.  He’s been making friends and is so excited to go downstairs to the car every morning!  We’re finally off his anxiety meds and he hasn’t seemed to need them.  My good boy has come so far from the day I got him.  He no longer gets car sick, he likes other dogs, he likes people (!!!) and he loves his sister.  He always comes straight back to her when he’s stressed out somewhere and needs a little booster.  I love my little behbeh boy.


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She’s been doing so well recently.  We’ve been working on getting her to play ball and Frisbee.  We’ve been doing morning runs to the Saslow Dog Park every day, and I think she’s starting to enjoy the running even if it isn’t after sheep.  She also got her first herding title in the mail!  I now have a piece of paper to show off for all our hard work!

My Zion

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My Zion

I love spending time with this horse!  I’m learning to ride on him, to take care of a horse, and anything else I can.  He’s the sweetest most snuggly horse I’ve ever met.  He loves apples and carrots, and most of all, his bucket!  He is a 10-year old thoroughbred gelding who came to Dude’s Ranch from a woman who just had twins.  He now has a girlfriend named Fay who looks almost identical, but she has a star blaze instead of his stripe.  <3

Honey the Halflinger

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Today at the ranch I met the newest addition: HONEY!!!  She’s the most adorable Halflinger ever!  She’s a sweetheart with the most beautiful thick mane and tail.  Chellie is going to learn to drive with her, and I’m really excited to take a ride.  Welcome Honey!

Quick Update

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We’ve been in Europe for the last 14 or so days, so it’s been a radio-silence type of time. I miss the puperoos, but I hope they’re having an awesome time with Terry Parrish. She has been boarding them while we’re gone. There’s been a lot happening though! Ariel and I competed in our first trial at the SoCal Rottie Association trial about a month ago! We passed both our HT runs and are on to PT now. I’ll have to post the video of our beautiful run when I get it.

Our Private Park

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We’re lucky enough to live in a building where one of the parking levels is always deserted.  So, we use it as a private park.  It’s really nice to go down there for about 15 minutes to let them blow off some steam and run around.  No one bothers us about it either, and we share the park with at least one other couple and their dog.  My dogs like to play loud and rough!

I miss them.

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We had some family business we had to attend to in San Diego yesterday, so I had them boarded for the night. I understand emotionally why, but not logically why I miss my dogs when I saw them yesterday and they’ll only have been gone for last night. Maybe it’s the routine. When we got home around midnight last night, I was half excited to see them wagging their hellos, but then realized they weren’t there. :( It was also strange to go to sleep without them being around. Sigh.

How to give a dog medicine!

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No dog likes taking pills.  They only want to eat tasty things (even if said tasty thing is grody garbage), but there is a way to get them to take a pill and be happy about it.  Take something they LOVE to eat and combine it with something they have to eat.  Token has been on Fluoxetine for almost 3 months now for his anxiety.  It’s been helping a lot, but I got tired of forcing him to eat the pill or coaxing him with treats.  Originally I tried sandwiching it between two jerky treats, but he’s smart enough to separate them and spit out the pill.  SO, inspiration came and here’s the trick: Pill + wet food.  It’s foolproof.

Little Sheeplet Runs Amok

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Dog Envy. Otherwise known as my future dream dog.

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Cy and I have discussed not getting another dog until one of mine passes. That doesn’t mean that in the interim of enjoying their lives that I can’t window puppy shop. Someday I’ll have one just like this, and I’ll teach him/her all these tricks and more. Sidenote: I think I’ll start the laundry trick with Token tonight. I think it’ll make my OCD cleaning be a bit calmer if I can build myself a maid. Heck, he’s already wearing the uniform.