I’ve lost my sheep…

No seriously, I don’t know where they are.  Ariel, Token and I have looked ALL over Downtown Los Angeles and they are nowhere to be found.  Not a SINGLE effing sheep.  So naturally we go out into the country to learn from Terry Parrish (http://actionk9sports.com/) and work stock in Escondido.  I’m an amateur and a newbie, but I’m hooked.  Working stock is a fantastic way to get me out from behind my desk and to work my dogs doing what they were bred to do.



The Dogs:


Ariel at the beach

Ariel at the beach

Aussie, born 11/11/07  Adopted at 7 weeks and 1 day from Helping Paws. She’s the calmest and sweetest Aussie  I know.  Unless you put her in front of stock all she wants to do is laze around and cuddle.



Token with the cat toy

Aussie, born 3/20/07  Adopted from Beagles and Buddies at about 2 years old.  He likes: long hikes, chew bones and being close to me.  He dislikes: traffic noises, pushy dogs and morning walks.